Our Focus is on Protection

At KT Security Solutions, we believe addressing America’s gun violence problem is going to require a two-pronged approach: prevention and protection. And while lawmakers, law enforcement, and other entities work on prevention, KT Security Solutions is focused on protection.


Rapid Access Safe Room System

We began developing our Rapid Access Safe Room system (RASR) after the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, because we knew it was time to look beyond cameras and metal detectors to find new, innovative ways to protect our children and teachers.

And what we’ve created is truly revolutionary: a high-quality whiteboard wall system that can quickly be converted in the classroom to a ballistic shield to protect people from gun violence and other unexpected emergencies.

While we hope our product will never have to be used for its intended purpose, the RASR wall system provides another layer of protection for schools that helps protect our children and teachers. It also provides teachers, students, and staff with a sense of security, comfort and confidence so they can better focus on the all-important tasks of teaching and learning.

Help Us Save Lives

Installing the Rapid Access Safe Room
System is the Right Decision

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RASR Provides The Protection Our Children Deserve

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RASR Provides Emotional Benefits

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RASR Is An Affordable Complement to Existing Security Measures

Why Install RASR?
Applications Beyond the Classroom

Applications beyond the classroom

While providing protection for students and teachers was certainly our primary focus when we developed the RASR, its application is hardly limited to the classroom setting. There are countless vulnerable spaces around the world where the RASR can provide protection and save lives. Our RASR shelters are completely customizable, so they can be manufactured to fit any space.

  • K-12 Schools (Primary Focus)
  • Universities
  • Businesses
  • Courthouses
  • Government Facilities
  • Churches
  • Hospitals
  • Banks
  • US Embassies
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