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Take action now to help protect our children.

KT Security Solutions developed the RASR and now we’re focused on getting it installed in as many classrooms and other settings across the country as we possibly can. Here’s what you can do now to help get this revolutionary ballistic shield system in your children’s school or other schools in your community and help protect more children and teachers.

Share Our Story with a Friend.

We need to get the word out about RASR. Because we’re confident that the more parents, teachers, administrators, legislators and community members hear about this innovative protection system, the more RASRs will be installed in schools and other vulnerable settings across the country.

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Join Us.

Join us in signing a legislative petition in support of grant funding for the RASR under the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, the SAFE School Act, or other school safety federal grant programs. Every signature makes a difference, so please sign the e-petition and share the link on your social platforms.

Sign the E-Petition

Write Your Representatives and Leaders.

More than 5,000 schools have expressed interest in installing the RASR system in their classrooms. To get the government support needed to make this happen, we are asking everyone to reach out to your local, state and federal legislators and other community leaders to gain their financial support. All you have to do is download our pre-written letter, print it, sign it and either email or mail it. It’s that easy.

Download Letter

Make a Tax-Deductible Donation.

Many schools are currently raising money to pay for the installation of RASR in their buildings and you can help. You can quickly and easily make a tax-deductible donation and designate the money to a school of your choice. You can donate by credit card online now or mail a check to our corporate office. Make sure you write the name of the school you are donating to on your check’s memo line.

Online donations will be available soon.

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